Individual Job Postings:

  • 14-day Postings:
    • Premium: $50
  • 30-day Postings:
    • Regular: $30
    • Premium: $75
    • Add Local Targeted traffic to your job Posting: $350

You can read about the difference between Regular and Premium postings in our FAQs

Job Posting Packages:

Culintro currently offers a 15% discount on packages of 10 jobs or more.

Other than the discounted price, one huge benefit in purchasing a package is that you would not need to enter your credit card information every time you post a job. Additionally, the postings never expire so you can use them at any time depending on your hiring needs.

Please contact [email protected] for more details!

Advertising Option on Culintro Blog for 30-day Premium Posters:

  • Premium listing ($75) + Banner Ad ($150): $225 + 20% Discount = $180
  • Premium listing ($75) + Square Ad ($75): $150 + 20% Discount = $120
Either type of advertisement will remain on the blog for one week, display your logo or other artwork, and link directly to your job posting. Please visit our blog for examples!

For more information about pricing, or to proceed with a package or advertisement, please contact [email protected].