Trend Alert: Pine Cocktails For the Holidays

Posted in Cocktail Time, Uncategorized on December 9, 2016

Nothing reminds us of the holidays like the scent of pine — so why shouldn’t holiday cocktails join in the fun? With several excellent pine-y liqueurs on the market, bars across the country are deploying these flavors in fun seasonal drinks. Here are a few we’ve come across.

Slowly Shirley, NYC: Jim Kearns created the “Pacific Coast Highway” by infusing St. George Terroir Gin with eucalyptus, using it as a base for a vibrant cocktail with cucumber, pastis, fino sherry, and both Clear Creek Douglas Fir Eau de Vie and Zirbenz Stone Pine liqueur.

Miracle on 9th Street, NYC and beyond: At this now-international holiday pop-up, the “Holly Jolly,” created by Nico de Soto, also starts from a gin base, where Zirbenz joins lime, mint, vanilla, and soda for a refreshing, distinctly herbal holiday cocktail.

Sable Kitchen & Bar, Chicago: The “Platza Service,” meant to create the impression of a Russian banya (bathhouse) service, is an unusual hot toddy made with tea syrup, Zirbenz, gin, Fernet, and lemon, served in a cedar-smoked teacup.

Rich Table, San Francisco: The “Gnome Grown” — served in an Absolute Elyx copper gnome — combines the vodka with the refreshing flavors of mango, mint, and passionfruit with the distinctive flavor of Douglas Fir.

[Photo: Nick Voderman for Slowly Shirley NYC]