Posted in Tips on March 4, 2013

Job postings play a major role in the hiring process. You have mere seconds to grab – and keep – a job seeker’s attention, so what you say – and how you say it – does matter.

With little effort, you can turn your ordinary job posting into one that truly stands out in the eyes of job seekers, drives more applications and leads to better hires. All it takes is knowing what to include – and what to avoid – when creating your next job posting. Consider the following tips:


1. Include your restaurant’s name in the title of the posting.

It is very important for job seekers to know the name of the restaurant to which they are applying. It will give them an advantage when they apply because they will be able to do more research on the restaurant and also be more aware of their eligibility for the position posted.


2. Keep the posting brief but detailed with the contact information highlighted.

Job seekers come across many ads, generally in a short amount of time. It is very important to draw their attention with a short and snappy title (restaurant name included), and then have a short, easy-to-read description of the ideal candidate. Also, always make sure your contact information is correct for receiving resumes.


3. Include restaurant logos.

Everyone is drawn to a little color on the screen. Though a job seeker may not recognize the name of your restaurant, they may recognize the logo which will make the applicant more inclined to apply for the position.


4. Spell check your posting.

It is very important to not have any spelling errors in your posting, especially in the title. Applicants are less inclined to apply to postings with spelling errors.


5. Utilize keywords as often as possible.

The more keywords your job posting contains that are relevant to the position – and that job seekers might use to search for jobs – the easier it is for search engines to find it; in effect, the higher it will appear in organic search results. Look at your job posting and consider where you can substitute keywords job seekers might use in their searches. (For example, instead of saying, “The person in this position will be required to…” say, “The Executive Chef will be required to…”)


Got any tips of your own to share?


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