News: James Beard Award Semifinalists Announced

February 20

The semifinalists for the so-called Oscars of the food world, The James Beard Awards, were announced yesterday, a sprawling nationwide list that will be winnowed down considerably before the actual ceremony on May 6th. Here’s a look at some of this year’s competition.

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Interview: Matt Levine, Restaurateur and Industry Night Host

February 19

We talk to the partner in LES hotspot (and upcoming Industry Night host) Sons of Essex about the restaurant business, building a brand and what to expect at his latest project.

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New and Notable: NYC & SF Openings

February 15

Take a look at some of the biggest new restaurant openings, from coast to coast. Where will you be eating this weekend?

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Off the clock: The Stanton Social’s Chris Santos

February 11

This week, we talk to Chris Santos, chef and owner of the LES hotspot about where he likes eat and drink in the neighborhood.

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In Season: Sweet Potatoes

February 8

As winter continues, chefs across the country and finding creative ways to utilize the classic winter root vegetable: sweet potatoes.

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Meet the Minds: Ryan Shefferman

February 7

Gate 3, a design firm devoted to creating innovative restaurant spaces, reimagined Bennigan’s in Fort Worth Texas to New York’s first LEED certified Applebee’s. Here, Shefferman talks inventive sustainability, hospitality from an operational perspective, and Michael Jordan.

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Dished: Pichet Ong’s Earthquake in a Fishbowl

February 6

We ask the chefs behind some of the most creative dishes out there to explain the inspiration behind their inventions. This week: Pichet Ong’s Earthquake in a Fishbowl.

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Interview: Anne McBride on Millennial Eating Habits

February 5

We talk to author, culinary program director and PhD candidate Anne E McBride about her latest research, which focuses on the eating habits of the millennial generation and how their preferences and expectations are changing the way the food industry runs.

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