2016 Michelin Stars for the San Francisco Bay Area

October 23

The 2016 Michelin-starred restaurants for the Bay Area were announced this week.

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Danny Meyer Moves to Eliminate Tipping

October 21

The acclaimed restaurateur announces that he’ll eliminate tipping at all of his restaurants.

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Interview: Asa Cloin, NCR

October 19

Technology has added endless new dimensions into the restaurant-consumer relationship, from connection via social media to communication within companies. But what about advancements in POS?

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Event Preview: James Beard Foundation Taste America, San Francisco

October 15

We talk to Craig Stoll and Staffan Terje, two top chefs participating in this year’s San Francisco James Beard Taste America event.

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The Culintro Vow

October 14

Here at Culintro, we know how difficult it is to fill open positions and more importantly, to fill them with the right staff for your restaurant. We also understand how expensive it is to take on a new employee.

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Brokelyn Announces First-Ever ‘Brooklyn Wine Book’

October 13

The popular Brooklyn website curated the borough’s best wine destinations, and enlisted them into a 2-for-1 promotion.

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Interview: Kyle Ransford, Chef’d

October 9

Kyle Ransford, the founder and CEO of Chef’d, sees their program as distinct: allowing customers to choose individual meals, with recipes created by prominent chefs, without a subscription.

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Interview: Mike Selvera, Seaside Metal & Bar Crudo

October 8

We talk to Mike Selvera, chef-owner of Seaside Metal and Bar Crudo.

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