Navigating Eataly’s Beer Selection

Posted in Beer on July 11, 2012

If you’re heading to one of the city’s hottest beer gardens, there is a decent chance you’re in for a wait. Luckily, the good people at Eataly put the beer section right near the entrance to the elevator to tempt you until the iPad wielding hostesses allow you to make the ascent to the roof. If the line is too long, you way want to consider grabbing these brews and enjoying them at home.

Birrificio Pausa Café Taquamari (Hefeweizen, $14.80 for 16.9 fl oz)

A refreshing summer wheat beer made with Tapioca, Qunioa, Amaranth, and Basmati Rice by rehabilitated prisoners in Turin, Italy.

Birrificio Montegioco Dolii Raptor (Belgian-style Strong Ale, $12.80 for 11.2 fl oz)

A complex brew with a funky, slightly sour finish, aged for 6 months in Barbera wine barrels.

Birrifico Le Baladin Xyauyu Etichetta Rame (English-style Barleywine, $45.80 for 16.9 fl oz)

This wallet-buster is created using an oxidation method common in the production of sherry and port and is suitable for impressing the snobbiest of beer-snobs.