Interview: Aaron Polsky of Cripple Creek Live

Posted in Interviews on December 5, 2012

Cripple Creek is collective name for whiz-bang bartending duo Damon Boelte of Prime Meats and Aaron Polsky of Amor y Amargo. This Sunday and Monday, the pair is taking over Lit Lounge for two nights of raucous experiments with cocktails and music. We spoke to Polsky about the idea behind the events and got the early word on some of the cocktail creations him and Boelte have been tinkering with.

What’s the idea behind this event?

We’re putting on a two-night stand for people to go out to see us, have whatever drinks are on offer, and share that experience with their friends. We believe that once cocktails are free from the trappings of dining (glassware, menus, tables, servers, checks, etc), it becomes about the drink and about having fun with your friends, much like seeing a rock show is about the music and having fun with your friends, as opposed to going to a classical music concert, where in addition to that it’s about the venue, the studying of the music, the reading of the playbill, etc. Both are great ways to experience music, we just prefer the former and think that mentality can bring great things to the world of cocktails and great shared experiences for the people who come out to them.

How many drinks will you be serving?

8ish, but you can always expect a few surprises in there.

Are all of the cocktails unique creations for this event, not things you’d find on the menu at Amor y Amargo and Prime Meats? What are your inspirations for the drinks you’re serving?

There will be some totally new stuff that you can’t get anywhere else. We’ve been hitting up markets and speciality stores to find beautiful, incredible ingredients that haven’t been used in cocktails before. We’re playing with apricot kernel oil, black garlic and some other stuff too. We want to create new cocktails that people haven’t seen the likes of before.

We’re trying to create a whole flow of drinks. Instead of just having a cocktail be good on its own, we want it to surprise people, and go well with the cocktail before and after. That can either be a real contrast or a smooth transition. I want it to be a surprise. I want people to come in not knowing what to expect and just have them experience it.
[Image: Daniel Kreiger via Eater]