In Season: Winter Squash

Posted in In Season on November 23, 2012

With temperatures dropping, it’s the perfect time for hearty, slow-cooked foods, like winter squash. Though available in a dizzying array of shapes and sizes (and names—form kabocha to buttercup), most winter squash have a firm, sweet flesh and mellow flavor that’s endlessly adaptable to a wide array of recipes. Here’s a look at what three of our favorite recipes are doing with this versatile vegetable:

ABC Kitchen, NYC: Dan Kluger’s farm-to-table New American (conveniently located just blocks from the Union Square Greenmarket) serves a roasted kabocha squash toast laced with cider vinegar and mint, served over grilled sourdough with a slather or fresh ricotta.

5Church, Charlotte: Chef Jamie Lynch takes a classic French dish and turns it on its head, making ravioli stuffed with foie gras, golden raisins and pistachio conserve, covered with a roasted pumpkin coulis. The rich dish is served in small portions—it’s listed under the “snack” section of the menu.

Graham Elliot, Chicago: The chef works with butternuts in a variety of interesting ways—a popular soup from years past infuses Southeast Asian flavors like coconut milk, lemongrass, ginger and lime (garnished with a yellow-curry marshmellow, no less), while this seaon’s version is earthier—with hazelnuts, chestnuts and sage.