Cocktail Time: The Bermuda Highway Swizzle At Dram

Posted in Cocktail Time on November 19, 2012

Williamsburg cocktail haunt Dram has long been a favorite for inventive, seasonal cocktails that utilize creative ingredients in unexpected ways. Head bartender Tonia Guffey took a moment from shaking and stirring to tell us about one her favorite new drinks, The Bermuda Highway Swizzle. Although swizzles are typically associated with warm weather due to their elongated glasses, crushed pellet ice and rum and fruit flavors, the Bermuda Highway puts a weather-appopriate twist on the old classic. Take it away, Tonia:

“We did a pretty cool spin for this season called the Bermuda Highway Swizzle. It features Goslings Black Seal Bermuda rum, a rich 10-year tawny port (fantastic flavor for the fall and winter due to its tannic, deep taste), homemade orgeat, local honey, and maple syrup (I mean, if maple doesn’t make you think of warming up next to some cozy fire or snuggling on a handsome lumberjack I don’t know what will). To finish there’s a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and a fat pinch of salt (the savoriness of the salt pairs really nicely with the maple and orgeat to balance out the sweet), and finally a scoop of homemade red wine-soaked fig jam.

We shake it up, pour it over crushed ice in a swizzle glass and top it with Bitter Truths Jerry Thomas bitters, which have a soft cinnamon aroma. I garnish it with a sprig of fresh mint to bring a clean aromatic to the finish. The drink was named after a beautifully eerie song by the group My Morning Jacket and makes me think of the grey fall.”

Dram, 177 South 4th St., Brooklyn; (718) 486-DRAM