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‘The History of Sherry in Cocktails’ with David Wondrich

July 1

The respected cocktail historian shares his insight on sherry cocktails throughout American history.

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‘National Martini Day’: 3 NYC Spots Doing It Right

June 19

Cheers to National Martini Day — that’d be today, Friday, June 19.

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Interview: Kevin Diedrich, BDK Restaurant & Bar

May 27

San Francisco bar star Kevin Diedrich talks to us about creating bar programs, making cocktails approachable, and his current favorite spirits.

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Mint Julep Season Is Here

April 22

As always, creative bartenders across the country love to riff on the classics — and the julep is no exception. Here are three clever juleps we’ve spotted this year.

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Gin and Stout Make Nice at The Back Room in NYC

March 18

In my experience, gin pairs well with just about everything. But stout? That’s a new one to me.

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Sherry at Shakewell – Flip for It

February 25

At Oakland’s Shakewell, lead bartender Amy Chapman infuses the cocktail menu with the spirit of Spain and highlights sherry’s food-friendliness.

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‘An Evening With’: Bartending Collaborations at NYC’s Mulberry Project

February 23

The popular Little Italy cocktail destination brings in A-list bartenders from all over New York.

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Trend Alert: Mocktails

January 14

Recently, we’ve seen more and more respected cocktail bars creating sophisticated, nicely crafted virgin drinks — as well thought-out as anything else on the menu.

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