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Culintro Stage Program


Culintro facilitates the placement of passionate, hard-working culinary students with chefs in New York’s most renowned restaurants. This is a unique opportunity for culinary hopefuls to pair up with today’s leading New York City Chefs to learn the unique skills of the culinary trade.

Applications are only accepted during each period along with a $50 processing fee.    Culintro will review each applicant and arrange selected interviews.  Applicants will be notified if they are accepted into the program and should your application not be accepted, you will be funded the $50 processing fee.


To foster growth and education among talent in the culinary industry, Culintro has developed a first-ever Stage Program. Culintro facilitates the placement of passionate, hard-working culinary students with chefs in New York and Chicago’s renowned restaurants. After completing an application, Stages are evaluated by Culintro and placed in kitchens or front of house according to their experience level, ability to enhance the environment, and interest in culinary specialties. The Stages will come away with hands-on experience and a network of contacts. Chefs will have the opportunity to offer a permanent position to the Stages or release them after the Stageship.


Are you a student looking to becoming the next Alain Duccasse, Wolfgang puck, Jean Georges, among others? Do you aspire to own restaurants one day? Stageing for some of the nation’s top chefs will provide you with the experience, knowledge, and tools to fulfill your dream of working and owning a restaurant. Culintro’s Stage Program works to place young aspiring talent with NYC’s prestigious chefs and restaurants. Students who participate in this program cultivate new relationships and further their networking prowess in a fast-growing metropolis.


The admission process at Culintro is conducted as a comprehensive review, treating each application personally and individually. We aim to provide Chefs and Stages with the opportunity to convey the broadest sense possible of the student, the student’s goals and intentions, and what the student hopes to gain through the Culintro Stage Program. Our primary consideration in the evaluation is previous experience and recommendations. Culintro and our mentoring Chefs are interested in students who demonstrate ability and interest in achieving at the highest levels of skill and service; who will engage deeply and substantively with the kitchen and front of house; and who are intent on growing deeply both intellectually and personally.

Each mentoring chef requires various degrees of experience from their selected Stages. Interviews and applications will be individually assessed based on requirements and expectations provided by Culintro's chefs.

Students will be reviewed and placed on a first come, first serve basis.

Culintro will work with Chefs directly to schedule Stages in kitchens. Under no circumstance should an applicant contact the chef via email or phone directly-- as they will be advised to contact Culintro.


In exchange for the opportunity to apprentice with an extraordinary chef, Stages are expected to adhere to the rules, guidelines, policies and standards of the program. Stages at all times must conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on them and on the program.

Stages are expected to be appropriately dressed in a chef uniform. Students are expected to pay respect to the chef by arriving and leaving on time; following directions and behavior regulations provided by the chef and the program. Culintro is not responsible for transportation, insurance, or housing related fees.