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Culinary Concepts by Jean-Georges continues global expedition with the debut of Spice Market and Market by Jean-Georges at W Doha Hotel

Culinary Concepts by Jean-Georges is pleased to bring the unrivaled cuisine and sophisticated dining experience of Jean-Georges Vongerichten to the Middle East with the opening of Spice Market and Market by Jean-Georges at the new W Doha Hotel & Residences.

In partnership with Starwood Hotels & Resorts these highly anticipated restaurant openings mark the internationally acclaimed chef and entrepreneur's first foray into the Middle East.

    'Doha is a region full of exotic spices and rich delicacies and I'm eager to infuse some of the signature dishes found at Spice Market and Market with the indigenous flavors of the region and a wealth of new ingredients. Guests at both restaurants will experience a unique menu of globally-inspired culinary creations that have become a hallmark of the Culinary Concepts brand.' said Vongerichten.

'We are excited to continue the expansion of Culinary Concepts with the debut of these exceptional restaurant concepts at the new W Doha,' said Phil Suarez, Partner, Culinary Concepts by Jean-Georges. 'Jean-Georges' outstanding culinary vision and hands on approach to each property opening combined with Starwood's expertise and execution for exceptional hotel management will result in the perfect marriage of two terrific brands.'

Market by Jean-Georges
Jean-Georges will adapt his popular modern style - a reflection of his classic French training, his 10 years in Asia, and the Culinary Concepts' philosophy of 'global in reach, local in content' - to tailor the Doha version of Market by Jean-Georges. His signature 'vibrant cuisine' abandons the traditional use of meat stocks, instead featuring intense flavors and textures resulting from the use of vegetable juices and fruit essences, light broths and herbal vinaigrettes.

For the décor, inspired by the traditional souks of the Arab world, United Designers created a space surrounded with one thousand jars filled with spices, fruits and curios objects from around the world. A sense of place is created in a very global way, reminding people where they are while catering to the sophisticated visual appetite and culinary palate of the modern traveler and local community.

Based around the pure square geometry of the space Market by Jean-Georges has been divided into a series of raised perimeter seating areas and a lower lounge, bar and dining area that all focus on the dynamic twisting bar that emerges from the show kitchen. The twisting bar celebrates the process of cooking and the overall design of the space aims to involve, comfort and excite those with a culinary and visual appetite.

Spice Market
Inspired by the vibrant street life of Southeast Asia, the cuisine at Spice Market enchants guests with tantalizing and adventurous flavors served in a casual, alluring atmosphere. Vongerichten has traveled and worked throughout Asia for over 20 years and he recreates some of his favorite street food experiences at Spice Market.

Perched at the top of the mosque-inspired living room in the Spice Market at W Doha Hotel is made up of two halves, one raised and one lowered, open in part and intimate in others. United Designers have worked closely with Culinary Concepts by Jean-Georges to select colors, textures and details for the restaurant to translate the origins and philosophies of the food into the aesthetics and atmosphere of the space.

Flickering candle lights in golden niches illuminate the 160sqm lounge bar that looks out over the Persian Gulf; handcrafted screens create intimate moments around the raised dining space and a series of clustered bespoke lanterns hang above your head drawing you through the 450sqm dining room. Different experiences are created throughout the space with curvaceous seating for those who want to see and be seen and private cabanas for those who just want to see.

For each new restaurant Culinary Concepts partners with only the most esteemed architecture and design firms to interpret, localize and update the visual language of each location. The global restaurant company will continue its worldwide expansion throughout 2009 and 2010 with openings in Mexico City, New York City, Hawaii, Aspen, Washington, DC, Milan and Bora Bora.TEST
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