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Diego Moya - Member of the Month, August 2009

   "Always have the disposition to work hard, (and) don't be afraid to ask questions."

   —Diego Moya

How did you hear about Culintro?

I stumbled on Culintro while trying to apply for a Stage at one of the restaurants that Culintro services. They forwarded me to Alina.

How has Culintro helped with your career?

I am not classically trained so getting your foot in the door can be a challenge. Culintro was incredibly instrumental in helping me reach this next level of fine dining. The caliber of chefs that they have in their portfolio is amazing and their services allowed me the great opportunity to learn from some amazing cooks.

You have staged with both Brad Farmerie & John Fraser, can you tell us what you have learned in each of these kitchens?

One of the main things that I've learned is that Chefs at this level share a similar way to lead. To succeed at this level you must have many characteristics. Being able to assemble a team that shares your attention to detail, persistence, and passion are the keys to materializing your creativity. More than anything the most important thing that I will take away from these experiences is that you must lead by example.

Keep your knives sharp. And always have the disposition to work hard. Also don't be afraid to ask questions. The cooks at both restaurants are incredible sources of knowledge.

Both Chefs Farmerie and Fraser have different styles of cooking. Which cuisine do you relate to more? Why?

This early In my career I can't say definitively that I relate more to either or. I would say that the food at Dovetail is more of my "style" but the combination of flavors and techniques used at Public are also incredible.

Do you intend to open a restaurant one day?

I think that in today's world cooks have a multitude of outlets to share their passion with others. At the moment I am trying to concentrate on building a library of techniques that in the future will allow me to use my creativity to its full potential.

While opening a restaurant might seem like the end game, I think that there are many other aspects of the food world I would also like to explore. Food and wine writing stands out to me right now but I could never stay away from a stove for too long.

Did you attend Culinary School? Where did you receive your training?

I did not attend Culinary school. In hindsight It would have been beneficial to my career but unfortunately circumstances did not allow it. I taught myself about technique and ingredients by reading, experimenting and Travel.

What¹s your favorite:

Food Cuisine:

Modern Spanish. A perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Kitchen Utensil:

My mini offset spatula


Choux Pastry. Such a versatile dough. Can be used in both savory and pastry and is very easy to make not to mention you can use to to make Parisian Gnocchi, my favorite thing in the world.

Wine, beer, or cocktail:

Can I have one of each?

  • Wine - Austrian/German Riesling
  • Beer - A stinky Belgian Lambic
  • Cocktail - Anything with Bourbon.

Feature on Culintro:

The Stage program and food writer's challenge are great and I find the Farmer's Tour very interesting.

New York Restaurant

At the moment Corton but I am a long time, devoted WD-50 fan.