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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a member and what is the associated cost?

Membership is currently free and you can sign up here.  After submitting the application, you will receive an email with your new username and a link to reset your password.  Please make sure to check your spam account if the email does not arrive within a few minutes!


How do I post a job?

After becoming a member and then logging in with your new username and password, please visit our "Add a job" page to post an open position.


For how long will my listing be active on the website?

We have two types of listings: one is active for 14 days, the other for 30 days.


What is the difference between a regular listing and a premium one?

Premium listings remain in the ”Featured” section at the top of the job board for the duration of the post and are included in our weekly Job Board Newsletter e-blast on Wednesday mornings - they're much more visible to applicants as a result.


What is the cost different between regular and premium listings?

14-day listings: Regular cost $20; Premium cost $50

30-day listings: Regular cost $30; Premium cost $75


Can Culintro store my credit card information?

We do not store credit card information for security purposes. For an easier/quicker posting process, please see the next question.


Does Culintro offer a discount for frequent posters?

We do! Culintro currently offers a 15% discount on packages of 10 jobs or more.  

Other than the discounted price, one huge benefit in purchasing a package is that you would not need to enter your credit card information every time you post a job. Additionally, the postings never expire so you can use them at any time depending on your hiring needs.

Please contact for more details!


Can I include my restaurant's logo or other pictures?

Yes!  Simply put your cursor where you would like to insert the image, and then select the "Insert Media" button:


Then upload your media, and select "Insert Image":


You can then justify your image left, right, or center!


Will the information that I list for Contact Name, Email, and Phone be public?

Yes, that information will be visible to anyone who looks at your listing.


Do I have to list a contact email? Can it be anonymous?

The contact email is the email to which applicants send resumes, so you will need to list one unless you are including a link to an online application site.

If you want the email to be anonymous, we recommend creating one through Gmail, such as


Where do I receive resumes from applicants?

If you are not directing applicants to an online application site via a link, then resumes will be sent directly to the email address listed under "Contact Email" in your job listing.


I posted a job but did not pay.  Can I make an online payment?

You are able to make an online payment at


Does Culintro offer refunds?

Culintro does not offer refunds at this time for individual postings or job posting packages.


How do I edit my job posting?

You are able to edit your job posting in a few easy steps after you are logged in to the site.

  • Go to “My Profile” at the top-right of the page
  • On the right, under “My Contributions”, click on your listing
  • At the bottom of the listing, click on “Edit”
  • Don’t forget to save your work!


How do I delete a posting if the position has been filled?

Please click “Edit” at the bottom of your posting; once the edit page loads, please deselect “Public Can View” – your listing will no longer be available to the public.


How do I refresh my listing after it has expired?

Please email to refresh your listing.  We offer half-price refreshes within 30 days of a posting expiring.


How do I get my job included in Culintro's weekly Job Board Newsletter e-blast?

Any premium job, whether a duration of 14- ($50) or 30-days ($75), is included in our weekly e-blast.  Jobs must be posted before 12 PM EST in order to be included in the next day's newsletter.  Otherwise, the listing will go out in the following week's. 


Does Culintro offer an advertising option?

We do!  You can find more information in our pricing section and see current advertisements on our blog

To proceed with an advertisement, please contact


I have a question that is not answered here.  Who should I contact?

Please email with any additional questions.