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Chef King Phojanakong

Executive Chef and Owner


Kuma Inn, Umi Nom, Rainmaker Management


Filipino, Thai, Southeast Asian

Signature Dishes
Chinese Sausage


About Working With This Chef

Days & Hours:
Tues-Sun. Partime Available, required hours are 3pm to 12am.

Uniform Provided:

Insurance Required:
No. Waiver will be signed.

Stages Taking On:
At least one stage in house per day.

Length of Each Stage Program:
One month minimum but exceptions can be made.

Consider Hiring the Stage as an Employee:
Anything is possible.




For Applicants:

Expectations & Qualifications
Coming Soon

Mini Bio:

A CIA, Hyde Park Graduate, Chef Phojanakong was born and raised in New York City. His early culinary influences began at home with the inspirational cooking of his Filipino mother and Thai father.

Throughout highschool, Phojanakong spent summers in the Philippines, where he grew a profound appreciation for food and culture. At Kuma Inn and Talay, Phojanakong combines his advanced culinary technique with the Asian flavors that ignite a passion of familiarity and home

Chef King Phojanakong's "Asian tapas" menu fuses the cooking of his Filipino mother and his Thai father with a few tricks he learned under the tutelage of David Bouley and Daniel Boulud.

Mentors & Influences:

Alex Lee, David Bouley and his mom. Lee always stressed learning the basics and the importance of cooking with great products. Working at Danube with Bouley, Phojanakong mastered combining flavors with varieties of herb oils and juices. His dishes at Kuma Inn are inspired from his mom where Phojanakong takes dishes that she would cook and adds professional touches of his own.

Gérard Rabaey, Restaurant Le Pont De Brent

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