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Chef Brad Farmerie

Executive Chef


Public and Saxon+Parole


Free-Spirited Fusion

Signature Dishes




About Working With This Chef

Days & Hours: 
Monday-Friday any time between 9am and midnight, or Saturday from 3-midnight

Uniform Provided: 
Yes, although stages are asked to bring their own and are required to bring their own shoes, hat, and knives

Insurance Required: 

Stages Taking On: 
One stagière at Public and Saxon+Parole

Length of Each Stage Program:
Typically one week

Consider Hiring the Stage as an Employee: Yes, if they work hard and learn quickly




For Applicants:

Expectations & Qualifications
Coming Soon

Mini Bio:

From an early age, Brad Farmerie was introduced to a variety of cuisines.

Farmerie enrolled at Penn State intent on studying mechanical engineering. Two years into his studies, Farmerie realized that the job that paid tuition was the real source of his passion: cooking. The one-year hiatus from college in pursuit of his culinary dream lead to seven years of global travel.

In 1996, Farmerie moved to London, where he was shaped by the culinary revolution taking place in Britain. He obtained the "Grande Diplome" at Le Cordon Bleu and worked in restaurants such as Coast, Chez Nico, and Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons.

Farmerie attributes the shaping of his culinary vision to Peter Gordon at the Sugar Club, and later helped Peter and Anna Hansen open their critically acclaimed restaurant The Providores and Tapa Room in 2002.

Brad bolstered his culinary education with extensive travel throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa and Southeast Asia, resulting in his creative, global style of cuisine that New York magazine has described as "free spirited fusion" and a menu that the New York Times raves "swings for the fences with each and every dish".


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