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Chef Olivier Muller

Executive Chef


DB Bistro Moderne


Traditional French with an Alsation flare

Signature Dishes



DB Burger

About Working With This Chef:

Days & Hours: Average 3 month commitment, days and hours will vary per individual.

Uniform Provided: Yes

Insurance Required: No, waiver to be signed

Stages Taking On: Up to two at one time per kitchen or party department.

Length of Each Stage Program: TBD

Hiring Stagiaire as an Employee: The Chef will evaluate their performance at the end of their term and then discuss future opportunities within the company (properties in NYC, Florida, China, and Vancouver ...)

For Applicants:

Expectations & Qualifications
Culinary school experience is a plus but not required. We suggest that applicants have a minimum 1 year of kitchen experience. We look for highly motivated individuals that are eager to learn and have a strong attention to detail. References from a previous employer is a plus.

Mini Bio:

"Olivier Muller has a talent for elevating humble foods to the level of succulent dishes,” explains Daniel Boulud. "He combines traditional flavors with modern twists and occasionally lets the flavors of his native Alsace shine through.” Olivier began cooking professionally at age 16. He was tempted into professional kitchens as a teenager, when he would visit local restaurants to sell the mushrooms he gathered with his father in the woods surrounding his home town of Strasbourg. Once in high school, Olivier opted for professional hotel and restaurant studies. His curriculum included six month's training as a waiter, an experience he feels more chefs should take advantage of, and one he finds invaluable now that he has the responsibilities of a chef.

Olivier's first professional experience began at Le Cerf, a two star Michelin restaurant in Marlenheim. There he was fortunate to establish a rapport with Chefs Michel Husser and Philippe Jego who would become his mentors. After two years with them, Olivier appreciated the difference between simply knowing how to cook, and managing a kitchen. Olivier followed Philippe Jego to become his Sous-Chef at La Clarière in La Petite Pierre in the Alsatian countryside. At only 20 years old, he was remarkably young for a position of such responsibility.
From 1996 to 1997, Olivier performed his requisite year of military service, and like most talented cooks in his position, he was assigned to an officer's mess for the duration. Thereafter he returned to his native Alsace to join Chef Philippe Jego, by that time a distinguished "Meilleur Ouvrier de France,” at La Cassolette in Schweighouse sur Mode. The restaurant closed three years later upon the Chef's accepting a position in Japan. Taking this as a signal that it might
be time for him to head overseas as well, Olivier departed for New York.

Friends in the business provided an introduction to Daniel Boulud, who promptly recognized the caliber of Olivier's training as well as his effusive energy and drive. He offered him a position at Café Boulud, believing the young Frenchman would benefit from working in a French-American restaurant. For the next eighteen months, Olivier worked under the direction of Café Boulud's then Executive Chef, Andrew Carmellini. From the start, Muller gave 100% of his energy and talents, working the fish station on the lunch shift and signing on for catering work with Boulud's
Feast & Fêtes at night. At Café Boulud, Muller benefited from working alongside Sous-Chef Jean François Bruel, who would soon be earmarked for the Chef's position opening Boulud's DB Bistro Moderne. Olivier himself joined Bruel there in February 2002. Upon Bruel's promotion to the position of Chef at Restaurant DANIEL in January 2004, Olivier Muller was a natural choice as Chef for DB Bistro Moderne. "Olivier is totally devoted to cooking and to teaching the young cooks in his kitchen the art of balance and seasoning,” explains Boulud, clearly proud to have Olivier Muller manning the stove at DB Bistro Moderne.


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