CULINTRO A Community for Restaurant Professionals

RESTAURANTS: Culintro makes an intro

Culintro, which officially launched yesterday, is positioning itself to be the Mediabistro of the culinary world—serving as a meeting point for young chefs to find internships, older chefs to find jobs and all chefs to meet once a month to talk shop (with booze of course). The site also provides resources for culinary pros working outside the kitchen, including farmers, designers and journalists (yes!).

Last night’s launch event at Double Crown was packed with the industry: PR, a couple unmasked critics and of course the chefs. We spotted Jason Neroni, Franklin Becker and Junior Merino early on. Joey Campanaro, Harold Dieterle and John Fraser showed up after 11 and huddled together, buying each other drinks and talking shop about—what else?—weathering the tough economy.

Neroni gave us some deets about 10 Downing's next-door spin-off, to be called 10 Downing Cafe, which he says will hopefully open within the next month or so and will feature a more casual, takeout-friendly vibe. This time around, though, he's hoping the entrance, which will be on Sixth Avenue itself, won't be as confusing as 10 Downing's labyrinthine front door, which many diners have trouble finding.

We soaked it all up while lapping up some lime-coconut chicken served in Chinese takeout cartons, and DIY pork buns, from whole pig prepped by double-duty Double Crown/Public chef Brad Farmerie.