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Andrew Freeman

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Andrew Freeman


For many the Bar Mitzvah marks the coming of age, for Andrew it marked the start of a long path in marketing and public relations. He grew up in New Jersey (exit 153A) and graduated from Montclair State University with a Marketing Degree, paying his way through school by working at a travel agency and performing in just about every community theater musical in the area. Name a show, he will sing the score for you. Making people happy and bringing enjoyment into their lives is Andrew’s driving force.

Along the way he has worked with some of the finest restaurants, hotels, personalities and products in the world, and has loved every minute of it! He counts eating out every night and staying at wonderful hotels as part of his job duties and dedicates himself to doing a great job. (On a side note, the Stairmaster and yoga are his very close friends.)

Prior to opening Andrew Freeman & Co., Andrew worked at legendary New York venues. These included Windows on the World where he was Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing and responsible for the re-launch after the Trade Center bombing in 1992, the Russian Tea Room where Andrew opened the Cabaret which became the toast of the town after only six months. He was also lucky enough to spend six years as the Vice President of Public Relations for the magnificent Rainbow Room working with his restaurant legend Joe Baum.