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Chef Ghaya F. Oliveira -Cafe Boulud

Chef Ghaya F. Oliveira

Executive Pastry Chef


Bar Boulud



Signature Dishes


About Working With This Chef:

Days & Hours:

Uniform Provided: in most cases yes

Insurance Required: No

Stages Taking On: 1-2 per month

Length of Each Stage Program: minimum 2 weeks 

Consider Hiring the Stage at end of term: Yes




For Applicants:

Expectations & Qualifications
Coming Soon

Mini Bio:

Any great pastry chef knows that baking is as much an accurate science as it is a creative endeavor. Fortunately, Bar Boulud Executive Pastry Chef Ghaya F. Oliveira has plenty of talent to spare in both areas. During her childhood in Tunisia, she was inspired to experiment in the kitchen alongside her mother while they created feasts for family and friends, always ending with a grand dessert. While Ghaya's first career was as a stock trader for Compagnie Generale d'Investissement in Tunis, after moving to the United States in 1998 to be with her sister, she chose to pursue creative challenges in the kitchen instead.

Upon graduating from the Culinary Academy and then earning a degree in Restaurant Management from the French Culinary Institute, Ghaya joined Café Boulud in New York in 2001. As a pastry commis, under Executive Pastry Chef Remy Funfrock, Ghaya learned the importance of precision and refined her technique.



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